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Bloom’s Approach to SEO

Optimizing for a higher organic position on the search engines isn’t black magic. Quite the opposite: it requires a consistent approach that merges proven practices with regular adaptation to the latest Google search and Bing search algorithm updates. By keeping up-to-date with important ranking factors, we can help position your brand effectively in search engine results.

The Bloom SEO team brings together two proven SEO fundamentals: keen analysis of organic search traffic metrics, paired with a strategic approach to developing search-optimized content.

Technical audit to rank higher on the results page

To achieve your site’s full potential in SEO, our technically trained team will take a closer look at your website’s backend. We analyze every aspect that could influence your site’s web ranking: broken links, duplicate content, meta description, site speed, mobile device responsiveness, indexed content, meta tags, title tags, etc. Our SEO experts can also assist your team through any digital transformation, website migration or website development.

Content Strategy: be seen as an expert in your field

Content creation also plays an essential role in a website’s SEO. Search engines love quality editorial content that clearly answers common questions. With a strong content strategy focused on relevant topics, 关键字实现, user experience, and technical elements, you’ll, not only, rank higher on major search engines, but also position your brand as a credible player in your industry.

Increase brand awareness locally

Due to the increase in demand for local products and services and with the rapid adoption of mobile search and voice search, internet users are, more than ever, looking for companies geographically close to them. Optimizing for local SEO increases the possibility of your brand being seen by potential customers near you. Local SEO implies local keywords implementation and local third-party listing optimization such as Google My Business.

We know more than just Google and Bing

Our SEO practice generates search engine love, resulting in consistently more organic traffic from Google and Bing and other search engines.

That’s right. Depending on your industry and your customers’ demographics, users might be looking on different search engines like Amazon, Twitch, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, and so on. We’ll make sure your products, services, and website are optimized on all useful platforms to achieve your digital marketing strategy objectives. Our main focus is always showcasing your brand on relevant searches.

We follow these three simple steps to make your business grow :

1. Increase Organic Search Rankings

2. Drive Qualified Traffic to your web pages

3. Increase Leads/Sales.

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By understanding your current situation with a metrics-focused analysis of your website we’ll be able to create an SEO strategy tailored to your business and your goals. A big part of SEO is making sure your site is built with stronger SEO than the majority of other sites in your industry. With a strong analysis of your competition, we’ll identify opportunities to ensure your brand is the one to beat on search engines.


Effective keyword research is the foundation of any SEO strategy. We improve your organic search engine ranking and drive traffic by optimizing your site content and structure for the right search terms and search queries, 基于你的听众, your offerings, and your business objectives.


Drive high-quality organic traffic and create opportunities to link content to your product or services, thanks to key phrase rich content that speaks to your target market.


Increase your traffic, keyword rankings and backlinks by developing quality content that bloggers and other influencers want to share with their audiences.


SEO is a long-term process. Rank higher on search results and drive more free, targeted organic search engine traffic over time with ongoing SEO monitoring and optimization.

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