Our People Make Us Bloom

We want to create a mutually beneficial working environment where Bloomers have everything they need to work hard, together, to deliver awesome. Keep reading to discover the pillars of Bloom’s work culture: Bloom Recharge, Bloom Anywhere, Bloom Together.

Resting and disconnecting are key to a healthy work-life balance. We understand that a well-rested team is more productive, more focused and in a better position to deliver quality work. 

  • Unlimited Work From Home Days
  • Access to Telemedicine
  • Minimum 3 Weeks Vacations and 5 Flex Days
  • Flexible Work Schedule
  • 4.5-Day Work Week Pilot Project

We at Bloom strive to create a collaborative work environment that encourages growth and development. Working together, with respect, allows us to deliver awesome and grow together.

  • Hybrid Work Mentality
  • Virtual and In-Person Team Building Activities
  • Bloom Chalet
  • Differed Profit Sharing Plan and Retirement Savings Plan
  • Training and Certification

Because everyone’s needs are different, Bloom wants to provide everyone with a workplace that works for them, whether it’s at home, in the office or somewhere in between. 

  • Flexibility to Work From Anywhere in the World
  • Office Supply for Home Office
  • Offices in Toronto and Montréal Easily Accessible by Public Transport

Our Values


Hard work, honesty, transparency, a strong sense of ethics, and responsibility towards our customers and colleagues are the principles that guide us in our work and communications.


We’re too busy doing great work to care about egos. Mutual respect, integrity and fairness are the foundation upon which we can build strong relationships within our team and with our clients.


Through collaboration and sharing our expertise, we can build powerful things. Working together toward a common goal is how we meet our clients’ expectations and achieve online greatness.


We are a team of professionals that promote ingenuity, day after day, in everything we do. We work smart and constantly ask ourselves what action will have the biggest impact on growth. That’s how we deliver awesome day after day.


Curiosity leads to growth, and growth leads to success. We constantly challenge the status quo, which means we’re always on the lookout for innovations. We enrich ourselves with what we learn and use it every day to excel.

Hear it From the Team

Zoe Kerrick

Group Account Supervisor

Marie-Josée Rouleau

Group Account Supervisor

Jeff Johnson

VP of Media

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